MEICO Marine

MEICO is dedicated to developing the right product with the right method to produce great results. We feel it is in the nexus of these two, the product and the method, that the perfect solution for your problem lies. MEICO Marine provides innovative paint stripping solutions to the Marine industry that are safer, more efficient, and more cost effective than current solutions on the market.

MEICO Marine Solutions:

Bare Bottoms was applied to the hull of the boat 24 hours prior to rinse shown in video. Total amount of man-hours required from setup to breakdown: 4.5. Bare Bottoms can reduce the time required to prepare a boat hull for painting by more than 40%!

Bare Bottoms

MEICO Marine is prepared to revolutionize the boat hull stripping industry with its newest product, Bare Bottoms. Most boat stripping operations utilize expensive, inneficient, and hazardous sand blasting to remove buildup and paint from boat hulls. Bare Bottoms is applied to the boat hull, allowed to dwell for a time, and then removed with 3.5 - 5k heated pressure washer. Bare Bottoms is much more efficient than sand blasting, and allows for marinas to serve even more customers as they are able to strip and repaint hulls at a significantly faster rate compared to the sand blasting process.